Anupam Stoyanovich, California USA

I’m very grateful for 12 days spent in this beautiful wellness center. I improved my diet and my back pain reduced at least 60%. I can recommend to everyone!

Keren Sheehy, Goa India

I was able to resolve both mind and body issues, plus the emotional centers. The setting is beautiful, the food is good and the experience is wonderful.

Karine Lesage, France

Thank you for the 2 wonderful weeks, where while relaxing, I was still studying about Ayurveda, Yoga, Kriya and cooking. At the end, learning about me or better said My Self (hope True Self).

Ana Luisa Fernandes da Silva, Portugal

When I came to you first I wanted to learn only about asanas, but now as I get into meditation I really enjoy it. I hope truly I would come back in a very close future and be able to enjoy all these wonderful experiences all over again.

Sistashree, New York USA

A complete and total rejuvenation in nature using only the tools of Nature to promote Healing-Earth-Mud-Therapy-Hydro Therapy-Meditation and Yoga-Living in Nature. I came with pain from arthritis and I leave with Joy-Free of Pain.

Dr. Robert Lamport, United Kingdom (U.K.)

When you are really in tune with yourself and nature then you are truly a rich person, which is something all the riches in the world can't buy.

Erik Chovancek, Slovakia

Thank you for all the attention I’ve got from you during my stay at your place which was truly a body, mind and soul reviving healing experience. God is truly great for guiding you to create such a lovely healing centre!

Richard Poulin, Canada

I have to mention the amelioration with the pain in my left leg (artheriosclerosis), I’m regaining the ability to walk again! I lost 35 pounds or 17 KG! Of course I have to exercise walking for my leg and very careful of what I eat.

Biswajit Chatterjee, Mysore India

Excellent place. He is a great teacher. Had beautiful experience. It is a place to learn Kriyayoga with nature.
I plan to bring my family to get advantage of these facilities.

Jamanagiri Swamiji, Mysore India

I had a Pneumonia attack during 2006.Since then I took many medicines so that my body had become a treasury for toxins! Now I am a free bird!
Thank you Dr.Shashidhar for your kindness shown and your attitude towards patients!

Anabel Kubler, Jesteburg Germany

I finally was able to overcome the very last effect of bulimia which I had been suffering for more than 2-5 years. I am so happy about that.

Dr. Dorothy Biney, London United Kingdom (U.K.)

Thank you both for your loving kindness. I was made to feel welcome from day one. I leave here 5 kg lighter and optimistic about my future. Thank you both for your wonderful work.