≻Sullia is 14kms from the Centre, it has suspension bridges helping local pedestrians to cross the Payaswini river. This is a favourite tourist spot.
       ≻Payaswini and Kumaradhara are the two major rivers flowing in forest area.
       ≻Kumara Parvata mountain is one of the famous trekking paradises situated near Sri Kukke Subrahmanya Temple.
       ≻"Koli Kamale" is a famous trekking place in peraje, Kodagu district (7 km from sullia)
       ≻Abbey Falls is 10 kilometres from Madikeri (50 kilometres from Sullia).
       ≻Sri Kukke Subramanya Temple, situated in Subramanya (village), nature 44 kilometres from Sullia, is a famous pilgrimage location.
       ≻Sri Mallikarjuna Temple, situated in Thodikana, nature 15 km from Sullia, is a famous pilgrimage location and also a famous tourist destination.
       ≻Devaragundi falls and Chamadka falls are close to Hasanadka Wellness Centre.
       ≻The trekking spots include Kumara Parvatha, Bisila Ghaati, Bantamale, Patti Gudde and Sampaje Ghaati.
       ≻Rockhill: 20 mins walk from the center, where you can enjoy sunrise & sunset in the midst of nature. Ideal place for meditation.