We offer different courses on the basis of asthanga yoga:
Course Name Duration(Days) INR USD EURO
Yoga stress management 10 10000 155 135
Yoga Therapy (disease Wise) 10 10000 155 135
Ashthanga yoga 30 30000 460 410
Ashthanga yoga 60 55000 845 750
Ashthanga yoga (advanced prayanayama & yoga) 90 80000 1230 1095
Meditation 10 10000 155 135
USD and EURO applicable as per current exchange rates.

Course specialities:
       ≻ Theory & practical - 3 hours daily
       ≻Printed notes as study material are provided to all students
       ≻During the stay naturopathy therapies like massage, hydrotherapy, mud therapy may be arranged separately on request.
       ≻On request, short excursion/ trekking (Jan-Apr) may be arranged
       ≻During 1 month meditation course a visit to Sri Shakti Darshan Yogashram, Kinnigoli for true meditational experience with the master from the Himalayan tradition.

Our special treatment packages:
       ≻Body purification package: Naturopathy and ayurveda therapies help to eliminate toxins from the body which is root cause of all the diseases
       ≻Stress management package: For those who are stressed due to hectic work schedules and long hours of workload leading to physical ailments, emotional imbalance and disharmony in personal relationships.
       ≻Stress management package for I.T. professionals: Yoga therapy, relaxing body massage, mud therapy, satvic diet and personal counseling will help to keep away from eye strain, frequent head ache, neck pain, back pain etc.
       ≻Women healthcare package: To improve the quality of their life, to avoid menopausal complications, to overcome menstrual problems
       ≻Yoga during pregnancy: Yogic exercise, pranayama, yoganidra and yoga after delivery.
       ≻Rejuvenation package: In this stressful it is necessary to rejuvenate the body systems and to boost up the immunity for better quality of life by achieving the harmony of the mind.

Cooking Classes:
       ≻We also give training in Indian Ayurvedic therapeutic diet preparations for 10-15days.


Diet/Yoga Consultation Rs 250/Half Hour
Mud Therapy(plain) Rs 350 5 4
Mud Therapy(herbal) Rs 500 8 7
Acupuncture Rs 500 8 7
Food for accommodation(per day)
Simple Room Rs 1200 21 15
Cottage Rs 2000 18 17
 USD and EURO applicable as per current exchange rates.

Eligibility Criteria:
       ≻The candidate should have finished schooling and proficient in English. Age should be 18 or above. .

Required documents :
       ≻2 passport size photos
       ≻2 xerox copies of passport

Accessories :
       ≻Yoga mat

Terms and conditions:
       ≻Food and accommodation are arranged separately
       ≻Non-vegetarian food, alcohol, smoking are strictly prohibited
       ≻25% of the course fee should be sent as advance
       ≻Cancellation after payment of advance will not be entertained
       ≻Full payment to be made at the start of the course
       ≻The USD/Euro is just indicative. Exchange rates are applicable based on the day of transaction.
       ≻Pure satvic, naturopathy, ayurvedic diet is given.
       ≻Outside food, drinks, alcohol, non vegetarian food, tobacco chewing, smoking are strictly prohibited.