Inpatient facility is available with good rooms and cottages located in beautiful & serene environment, away from noise & polluted urban area. The cottages are built with natural clay bricks & tiles which add to the beauty of the place. Organic farming is followed to grow vegetables for toxin free living. The environment here assures complete peace, health and joyful stay. Yoga & meditation hall with its total calmness gives complete energy to the body & mind.All the above therapies are administered according to the individual's ailment and need.Internet and telephone facility available on request.

The different traditional medicinal sciences integrated and advocated at HWC are:
       ≻Yogic sciences
       ≻Traditional chinese medicine/Acupuncture
       ≻Suzok Acupressure

We give personalized therapies like:
       ≻Hydro therapy
       ≻Body massage (Swedish & ayurvedic)
       ≻Yoga therapy
       ≻Mud therapy
       ≻Ashtanga yoga- yogasanas, pranayama, meditation
       ≻Health yoga- shatkriyas
       ≻Advanced pranayama
       ≻Kriya yoga
       ≻Counselling- emotional wellness, spiritual
       ≻Lifestyle corrections
       ≻Diet & nutrition (ayurvedic concept)
       ≻Fasting therapy
       ≻Music therapy

Main ailments treated:
       ≻Diabetes mellitus
       ≻Bronchial asthma
       ≻Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis
       ≻Back ache
       ≻Head ache, migraine
       ≻Arthritis (Osteoarthritis, R.A.)
       ≻Menstrual disorders
       ≻Coronary block
       ≻Pre & post C.A.B.G. rehabilitation (coronary artery bypass grafting)
       ≻Hyper acidity
       ≻Thyroid dysfunctional
       ≻Cervical spondylosis